Ceremony (February 2013). Winner of the Slope Editions book prize.




20 Love Poems for 10 Months (Ugly Duckling Presse, October 2012).

The Bridge (Push Press, October 2011).


poems online

Boston Review (1) and (2)

The Cultural Society

La Fovea


High Chair

konundrum literary engine review

Reading Between A & B


failbetter (1) and (2)

Disquieting Muses Quarterly (1) and (2)

Last Exit


critical writing

Painted Bride Quarterly: review of Fariid Matuk's This Isa Nice Neighborhood

>> review of the above review in Harriet, the Poetry Society Blog

Verse: review of Ana Bozicevic's Stars of the Night Commute

Pleiades: review of Marilyn Hacker's Names and Unauthorized Voices

Third Factory: microreview of Dana Ward's This Can't Be Life

poems in print

Jubilat, issue 22

Bright Pink Mosquito, Issue 1


Well Greased

New Orleans Review

Big Bell


Sentence, issue 6

Iowa Review, Spring 2009

International Feminist Journal of Politics, vol. 9 issue 4

Diner, vol. 5, issue 2

9th Letter, Fall/Winter 2005

Seattle Review, volume xxvii, no. 1

Bat City Review, issue 2

Lumina, issue 2



Rob McLennan's blog: 20 Questions about 20 Love Poems for 10 Months

> > review of 20 Love Poems for 10 Months by Rob McLennan

The Next Big Thing (self interview)



Jupiter 88

On the Escape: Ceremony